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Welcome section

“Welcome to Gurmat Sangeet Academy, a not for profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness in Kirtan (Sikh Hymns) and Katha (Discourse). Here you can find audio and video files, biographies and upcoming events.

To sing the Kirtan of the Lord`s Praises is my treasure. ||1||Pause|| You are my delight, You are my praise. You are my beauty, You are my love. O God, You are my hope and support.

Meet the Ustads

Surjeet Singh Aulakh

Ustad Surjit Singh is one of our most senior teachers. He is a senior student of Pandit Ramnarayan – the legendary Sarangi Soloist. Ustad Ji has played a large part in the revival of Gurmat Sangeet. He is a senior tutor for the Raj Academy (London) and regularly oversees workshops for the Gurmat Sangeet Academy.

Surinder Singh Saund

Ustad Surinder Singh Saund (Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham) is a premiere Sikh vocalist who is recognised for his superior vocal control and unique teaching style. Ustad Ji has been singing for many years and regularly holds classes for the Gurmat Sangeet Academy.

Harjinder Singh Lallie

Harjinder Singh is one of our senior Ustads. He learnt kirtan at the age of 6, he was initially introduced to the Vaja by his mother. Subsequently he received tutelage under the learned scholar Professor Santokh Singh. In 1981, Harjinder was blessed with the sangat and tutelage of Bhai Ranjit Singh (Nanaksar) who taught Harjinder tabla and proceeded his education in kirtan. In 1999, Harjinder met Ustad Surjit Singh Aulakh who began Harjinder’s education on tanti saaj. Ustad Surinder Singh Saund (Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham), is Harjinder’s vocal ustad. Both Surjeet Singh and Surinder Singh are continuing Harjinder’s training and education. In 2007 Harjinder was fortunate to be blessed with the company of Bhai Baljit Singh (Delhi wale) under whose guidance Harjinder proceeded his knowledge and education on kirtan and tanti saaj. Harjinder is a firm believer in a dedicated and respectful Ustad-Shagirad relationship. He is well known in the UK as a kirtani and a parcharak. Harjinder’s ‘day job’ is as a Senior Teaching Fellow in CyberSecurity at the University of Warwick.

Narinderjit Singh Lallie

Narinderjit began his tabla training under the guidance of his brother Harjinder Singh when Narinderjit was seven years old. He soon progressed to learning from Ustad Sukhvinder Singh ‘Pinky’ and since 1999 has been learning from the legendary Pandit Sharda Sahai. Narinderjit is a unique tabla player who demonstrates great mastery in singing during the kirtan whilst playing tabla. Part of this is due to his personal training under the tutelage of Ustad Surinder Singh Saund (Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham).
Narinderjit’s ‘day job’ is as a pharmacist.