gurmat sangeet academy

Tanti Saaj (String Instruments) from the Gurmat Sangeet Academy
It is often the case that a student of kirtan will purchase one saaj in their lifetime. It is therefore important that you purchase a good instrument outright. We recommend the Saajs that are built by Sanjeev Kumar (of Raj Musicals in Delhi). Their instruments are well built and presented and are supplied (on request) with glass fibre cases and carved white (genuine) horse hair bows. The cost difference between one of their instruments and another ‘brand’ is negligible and therefore excellent value for money.

We are suppliers of these instruments and can order these instruments for you. We offer a discounted rate to all our students, please speak to us in one of the classes for further information. The following are the latest prices for some of these instruments.

Dilruba:      £320
Esraj:            £320
Taus:             Enquire
Sarangi:      £320

Please note, we do not insist that our students purchase an instrument from us. We are happy for you to buy the instrument direct from the supplier and we will in fact organise this for you (at no cost of course!). However, you will need to ensure that you have someone travelling to the UK from India in order to bring the instrument with them.