Gurmat Sangeet Academy (GSA)

GSA is a not-for profit school of Sikh music dedicated to raising awareness of Gurmat Sangeet kirtan (Sikh hymns) and Katha (discourse) through teaching, performances and outreach. Established in 1999, we provide professional music tuition in the Gurmat Sangeet genre of Sikh kirtan and instruments. At GSA you can learn stringed and percussion instruments including the Taus, Sarangi, Dilruba, Tabla and Jori.

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Honouring the Legacy of our Gurus

Kirtan is a powerful musical medium, enabling us to connect with the Guru, inner divinity and to each other. Music is at the heart of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Sikh scriptures) and the Gurmat Sangeet genre of kirtan honours the legacy of our Gurus and their musical expertise. The Gurus used raag and taal (rhythm) to manifest the emotional complexity of Gurbani (Guru’s scriptures), helping us to connect with and understand their message. We are passionate about sustaining Gurmat Sangeet heritage by engaging students with its history, characteristics and developing their musical skills in this genre. As well as teaching we host workshops, give talks and seminars and are involved in a number of projects helping the public experience and appreciate Gurmat Sangeet and Gurbani based raags.

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Inclusive School of Music

Whether you’re a listener or performer of kirtan, have no prior musical training, or have been classically trained in a western instrument, GSA welcomes students with a range of beliefs and musical backgrounds. We are an inclusive school of music, and prior musical experience is not a requirement as we provide a rigorous training in foundation musical skills.

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Passionate & Dedicated Teachers

GSA is committed to helping students of all ages and abilities realise their full potential. We encourage personal musical expression and our passionate and dedicated team of music teachers have extensive experience teaching students.

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Open to All Ages

We welcome families who wish to start learning together and offer a safe, focused and supportive environment for all ages.

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Performance Opportunities

As well as learning during weekly classes during term-time, students have the opportunity to perform at a variety of events including kirtan darbars and festivals.

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