Guidance for Students

Dear GSA community.

We have been planning measures to safeguard your health and wellbeing by adhering to governmental guidance which will reinforce not detract from your class experience. This guidance does not supersede governmental guidance. Your safety is paramount, please speak to us if there is anything missing from this guidance or if you have any concerns.

We are introducing a series of special measures at the class to help keep everybody safe.


  • If you are not well before a class, particularly if you believe yourself to be, or are diagnosed to be, suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend the class.
  • If you “fail” the temperature check described below or show any other COVID related symptoms you will be asked to miss the class and go home. You may return the following week as long as you have no symptoms and pass the temperature test.
  • If you show any symptoms of COVID-19, please inform us immediately.


  • You must arrive on time so as to avoid disruption.
  • The venue has safety measures in place relating to the availability of hand gel, regular cleaning etc.
  • You must wear either a mask, face shield or parna (3layer scarf) during all times in the classes.
  • Temperature checks will take place on arrival outside the room. Do not enter until a check has been performed and you are allowed to enter. If you are late you might miss the temperature check and may not be allowed to enter.



  • We will not be singing in term 1, we will be developing a tanti saaj performance. During Tabla classes there will be no reciting of phrases
  • A strict register will be kept to ensure we can comply with any track and trace requests.
  • We ask that you do not share any instruments, tuning tools or other playing aids like powder, tabla hammer or rosin
  • Please adhere as close as possible to a 1 metre social distance from all your colleagues.



We intend to run classes face to face in full compliance with governmental advice. However, you should be prepared that this will change inline with governmental advice and if there are impending safety concerns. In such a case we might:

  • Reduce class sizes to 6 per class in total with a bigger distance. Two classes will run in the same time frame which means each class will be 40 minutes long instead of 90 minutes
  • Move classes to online