The Jori is a two part drum consisting of Dhamma and Poorra. The first dhamma drum on the left produces deep and expansive bass sounds. The pitch for this drum is set to a low saptak (octave) and is controlled by placing dough on top of the skin during practice or performance.

The second poorra drum produces resonating sounds intricate in nature and expressed via a diverse variety of strokes with a high level of modulation in sounds. The pitch of this drum is set to middle saptak (octave), so its pitch is higher than that of the Dhamma. The Purdha is played with the dominant hand, which is the right hand for most people, so it is kept on the right side of the player.

It has a powerful sound, where you feel the rhythm rather than hear it In contrast to the Jori, the Tabla has a “softer” sound, style of playing where the movement of fingers is emphasized over movement of hands in open gestures.